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Why True North Log Homes

Quality of Materials

True North's Log Homes are Built
with the Finest Wood in North America

The most valuable soft wood in North America goes into every True North log home. Grown in the forests of Northern Ontario and Quebec, this winter-cut, slow growth Northeastern white pine tree is carefully chosen by True North for the log wall system of your home. Only the durable heartwood of the log is used, making the log extremely dimensionally stable. The sapwood section, or soft layers between the heartwood and the bark is eliminated in the squaring process. This assures that settlement of the logs will be minimal -- not exceeding one inch in an eight-foot wall height. Western red cedar is also available upon request.

Log cross-section


Full-size Logs Mean Greater Value

True North uses only full dimensional logs to build log homes. This means, for example, the 8" x 12" log actually measures 8" x 12", as opposed to the 7 1/4" x 11 1/4" logs used by others in the industry. True North's use of full-size logs translates into greater insulative value. The bottom line is that the larger the logs, the more thermal mass, which equals more energy efficiency!

A wide variety of log shapes, log profiles and corner styles are offered by True North. The choices cover the entire spectrum of North American log dwellings and design choices, from square to round shapes, from dovetail to saddlenotch corners and from smooth to rough faces.


Explore the many unique options offered by True North. The "Adzed" log face finish is gaining great popularity in North America.




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