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Why True North Log Homes

Our Quality

The True North Difference: Log Home Construction

Log homes have been built on this continent for centuries. From temporary cabins used by loggers and trappers to permanent homes and cottages. Some of the world's most luxurious hotels and vacation resorts have also used the natural beauty and ambience of logs to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

Quality of Materials: Pine Log Homes

The most valuable soft wood in North America goes into every True North log home. Grown in the forests of Northern Ontario and Quebec, this winter-cut, slow growth Northeastern white pine tree is carefully chosen by True North for the log wall system of your home.

Digital Inventory Control: Protecting Your Investment

Every aspect of your True North log home is carefully monitored with a digital inventory control system that protects your log home from loss, damage or theft, from start to finish.






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Log Home Plans
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