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The True North Patented Tongue & Groove System

True North's new Thermo-groove six seal system is an example of the kind of research and technology that makes True North the #1 choice among log homebuyers today.

Further Improving The True North Log Joinery System

The newly released Thermo-groove six-seal patent pending system is a recent innovation for True North Log Homes and available on our 8" x 12", 10" x 12" and 12" x 12" logs. The True North tongue and groove technology is designed with six channels to accommodate the butyl rubber tape sealant and the asphalt impregnated foam gasket tape. The outside channels are angled to accommodate the butyl tape. During construction, this unique angle prevents the butyl tape from falling off while setting the log above and actually increases the seal from 1/4" to 3/8" as we are utilizing the diagonal of the butyl tape instead of the width from side to side. This increases performance without the extra cost of a 3/8" seal. The channels also prevent the sealant from being completely flattened out by the upper log, so when movement occurs in the logs, a sufficient amount of sealant is still able to flex. The remaining four channels are designed to accommodate the asphalt impregnated foam tape. The foam tape provides insulation value and when compressed 50% it becomes waterproof.

The thermal performance can be compared to a thermal pane window: if the six seals represent six panes of glass, the trapped air space between the glass will act as an insulator. Each section of dead air space between the tongue and groove seals reacts in the same way thereby improving thermal performance.

The Thermo-groove six-seal tongue and groove system enhances thermal performance and significantly improves the sealing capabilities of the tongue and groove joints between the logs.

The original three seal tongue and groove system, as shown to the right, is used with our 6" x 12" log construction.





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