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Why True North Log Homes

Why Buy from Us?

25-Year "Zero" Air Infiltration Warranty

The True North Log Home Warranty: The Only 25-Year "Zero" Air Infiltration Warranty In The Industry

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

The story of True North Log Homes is best expressed through the satisfaction of many True North log home owners. The company's commitment to providing the beauty and ambience of a traditional log home lifestyle, while integrating the latest in technology, has proven to be a winning combination.

Log Corner Profiles & Posts

The strength of any building is the corner. The cornerstone, as they say, of a log home is even more important. The major problem is log home corner joinery separation. True North has resolved this problem by incorporating their patented Keylock Air Seal Corner® into every True North home!

Log Stain

After the installation of your new log home the True North Water Borne Natural Oil Finish is applied. This finish protection is unique in that it does not inhibit the breathing of the log, a trait naturally inherent to wood and the vital performance and health you can expect from your log home.

Log Wall System

Within in the walls of every True North Log Home are many innovations that set us apart. Years of diligent research have resulted in an exclusive patented joinery system, unmatched in the industry. And our in-house design team and computer aided manufacturing process keep it affordable.

Continuous Improvements

True North's new Thermo-groove six seal system is an example of the kind of research and technology that makes True North the #1 choice among log homebuyers today.

Building a Log Home

The thrill of building a custom home begins with the design. Creating your own unique living space is what turns an ordinary house into an extraordinary lifestyle experience. At True North, our goal is to help you achieve this.

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Log Home Plans
Log Home Plans
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Log home designs
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